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SeaPod Floor Panel Update

SeaPod Floor Panel Update

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The floor of the SeaPod will be pieced together with custom-cut sections that are unique to each room. The panels are cut from large sheets of flooring and fit together almost like a puzzle. The design of these has taken quite a bit of work but the results have been good so far.

The floorplan of each room is laid out so that we can find the measurements of each piece that we will need. Since the pieces are cut from sheets of flooring, we have engineered them in a way that allows us to be as efficient as possible. We will cut as many sections as possible from each sheet to reduce waste.

Each room in the SeaPod has a different layout so we have had to do this process for every room and area in the home. This method of designing the flooring allows us to produce the flooring faster since we are using essentially what is a cookie-cutter process where we can make several of the exact same thing. Since every SeaPod will require the same floor sections, we can keep producing the panels and create an inventory.

By keeping the layout of these panels as symmetric as possible, we can simplify our process. When the floor panels are the same on both sides of the SeaPod, we can simply make multiples of the same panel shape instead of having a left and right side for each shape. This is another way to cut down on waste.

The panels will be laid out in each room and will be supported by the fiberglass floor beams that we are also producing. The beams will be laid out in a cross-member configuration beneath the floor to support the weight of everything inside the SeaPod.

As with everything in the SeaPod, this is an ongoing process where with everything that we do, we are finding better and more efficient ways to do things, and this floor design is no different. We are constantly learning and improving the SeaPod as we get closer to full production!

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