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Floor Beam Production Update

Floor Beam Production Update

We are back at the factory with Grant and Craig for an update on the production of our floor beams. For the past few weeks, we have been prototyping different methods of making the floor beams for the SeaPod. Through our research and trials, we have settled on the method that we want to use and we will start producing the actual beams very soon.

Craig has been building some a-frame jigs which will allow us to make several beams at the same time. Since we will need 40 floor beams for each SeaPod, we have to be able to make several of them at the same time to keep up with the pace of the other parts.

The process of making the beams starts with a piece of aluminum c-channel that is mounted on the a-frames. This acts as our mold which we will lay the layers of fiberglass on to get the shape that we need. Each I-beam is made of two pieces so once everything is cured, we will repeat the process and then attach the two pieces back-to-back to get the final product.

These floor beams will be supported by the subfloor and will span from the center column to the outer edge in a cross-member layout. This will all hold up the floor panels and support the weight in the SeaPod. Traditionally, I-beams would either be made of steel or wood but we are using fiberglass due to its high strength, low weight, and longevity.

The SeaPod will require 26 15-foot beams and 14 10-foot floor beams. We will make the beams in 15-foot sections and then cut each piece down to the exact size that we need. This will help us produce them faster since we can just make 15-foot sections and cut what we need from them.

As we move from prototyping into production, we can start to ramp up the speed at which we are making these floor beams. We are working hard every day here at the factory to bring the SeaPod to life!

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