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SeaPod Side Molds

SeaPod Side Molds

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Grant is here today to give us an update from the factory. We can see the mold for the bottom of the SeaPod, which will be assembled with the roof, and of particular importance in this video is the mold for the sides of the SeaPod. These side pieces are essential in that they connect the bottom of the SeaPod to the roof. Unfortunately, the dimensions for the side pieces didn’t quite fit. They were out on each side by a few centimeters. While frustrating, the Ocean Builders aren’t shy when it comes to hands-on problem-solving.

The side pieces are designed to be flexible. This means that they will be quite thin as well as moveable. We can see some of the team hard at work in the background altering and adjusting the side pieces so another mold can be created to fix the problems encountered with the original piece.

The team is hard at work tailoring and adjusting the part to create a new mold, and the new altered side molds should be ready within a couple of weeks. These molds play a vital role in the assembly of the finished SeaPod in that they connect the top and bottom elements. So while being flexible, the positioning and dimensions of these side sections will be very important. As previously shown, these large sections of the SeaPods are cast in molds, and as they are joined together to form the structure, accurate molds are extremely important in order to get an accurate fit in the finished product.

We also get to see the Ocean Builders team in action as they show off their expertise and skills in the factory. The size of these side molds really helps to give a sense of scale for the finished product. The sleek, round shape gives the SeaPod that unique modern yet organic aesthetic.

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