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Unloading Steel Day 2 – The easy way

Unloading Steel Day 2 – The easy way

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After the first day of unloading our steel tubes from these shipping containers, we came back better prepared on the second day. The first day involved anchoring the steel and driving the truck forward and letting it drop on the ground. This worked, but it wasn’t how we wanted to do things.

On the second day, we were better prepared with a proper crane to help us safely pull the steel tubes from the shipping container and place them on the ground. You can see the process in the video below.

We start with the crane truck which is safely grounded through its four outriggers which are holding the tires off of the ground. This allows the crane to be leveled and not have any movement from the truck suspension so that everything is stable and secure and won’t move or shift from the weight of the heavy steel tubes.

Using straps that we wrapped around the tubes, we pulled the tubes out of the back of the truck little by little using the bed of the truck to support the weight while we adjusted the strap. The friction from the strap being wrapped around the tube was enough to grab the steel and pull it out. When about half of the tube was out we were able to pull it far enough out to free it from the container and the other tubes. At this point, we were able to safely lower it to the ground and remove the strap.

This entire process went much more smoothly by having the proper equipment on site. We are very excited to have taken delivery of these steel tubes so that we can continue working on the floating bases as we keep building and moving towards full production capabilities!

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