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Why So Many Curves?

Why So Many Curves?

So why is the SeaPod so curvy? Why not have normal four-walled rooms like every other house? Why put so much effort into the design when a box would be easier and faster to build? Well, the answer is simple… We want to be different, we ARE different, and we think that putting effort into the smaller details is what helps propel us into the future as opposed to remaining with the same-old-same-old that’s been done a million times.

The SeaPod is designed to be in the ocean, surrounded by water, and even become a part of the marine life ecosystem. Water flows naturally and does not conform to any shape that it is not contained in. We are breaking away from the ordinary so that we can flow with the water.

When designing the SeaPod, we want to avoid corners, 90º angles, and sharp edges. These shapes are very rarely found in nature and we feel that they disrupt the feel of a home. Especially with the minimalistic design of the SeaPod, we don’t want you to feel like you are living in a box.

We feel that the curved shape is more naturally pleasing than one which contains corners and sharp edges. Both feng shui and science agree that curves are more visually and emotionally welcoming when designing rooms and furniture. This activates a similar response in the brain as driving on roads with smooth curves vs. roads with sharp turns. The curved road is more comfortable, relaxing, and appealing.

Keeping the design in line with this philosophy helps the energy of the home flow easier and gives a more natural and pleasing feeling to the occupants. We are jumping into the future with many of our innovations, hopefully, the trend of curved homes will soon become commonplace everywhere!

You can see some of the curves of the SeaPod in this teaser video below.

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