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After a hard days work

After a hard days work

The crew is working hard, and we can see them here finishing up after a long and productive day, led by the resident pup. As progress continues in so many areas, it feels great to be able to show our team clocking off for the day. In our video, you can really begin to appreciate the many hands and skills that go into building a project of this scale, set against the beautiful green backdrop of the forest.

It’s tough work in the heat and under the tropical sun, but our team diligently put their experience and labor to use to bring the Ocean Builders project forward, day by day. Behind the crew, you can see one of our pods under construction, and seeing the factory there with the team really gives some perspective to the project as it comes together, as well as letting us see some of the crew that’s bringing it all to life.

Everyone has been working hard and has been making real progress. As the team takes a break after a long day, we can reflect and appreciate the hard work they have put in. They will be back tomorrow, and as this project continues, it feels great to be able to show some of the people who are such a vital part of this project.

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