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Safety Training – Gloves

Safety Training – Gloves

Most industrial situations come with their fair share of workplace hazards, the Ocean Builders factory is no different. While we can’t remove the hazardous conditions from this line of work, we can make sure that our employees are properly trained to work safely to avoid injury or death.

Here we have Reynaldo Howell, who is our industrial safety officer, going over the importance of using the proper safety equipment. He is explaining to our employees that they should always use the proper gloves to avoid cuts and burns when working using various power tools that are designed for cutting.

We are working with a lot of steel here at the factory that we use oxy-acetylene torches to cut. We also use rotary grinders to do some of the more fine work on the steel. Both of these tools have the potential to cause serious injury so it is important to not only use them safely but also to use the proper personal protective equipment in case of an accident.

Reynaldo also tells a story about a time when he got a cut while working because the gloves that he was using did not protect him as they should have. So he explains that not only should everyone use the proper protective equipment for the job that they are doing, but they should also work safely because it is better to avoid an accident altogether than to have to rely on your protective equipment.

As the safety officer, Reynaldo inspects all of the equipment used by the team to ensure that it is adequate for what they are doing. Each piece of protective equipment has a spec sheet of sorts that he reviews to ensure that it will offer sufficient protection to our employees.

So with periodic refreshers and retraining classes on safety, Reynaldo’s watchful eye, and a team of employees that takes safety seriously, we have created a safe working environment for everyone despite the hazards that come naturally in this industry. We are working hard to get the SeaPod into production, but we are always taking a little bit of time to focus on safety.

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