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AI Vision

AI Vision

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Artificial Intelligence, or AI for short, is part of what makes the SeaPod into a smart home. With most of these processes running on the brain computer, we can bring the SeaPod to life so that many daily tasks can be automated for convenience.

While making life more convenient is important, making it safe is of a higher priority to us. The nature of having a home at sea poses a few risks that we don’t have to deal with on land. Our AI Vision cameras will be used in conjunction with the processes and protocols that operate within the brain computer to make everything safer.

One of the uses for AI vision is an autonomous ‘lifeguard’ of sorts. This will be a small surface drone that can be used to rescue someone who is in distress or drowning in the water. The cameras will be constantly watching the surface of the water all around the SeaPod and if it detects someone in distress, then it will dispatch the lifeguard drone to help them.

The lifeguard drone is essentially a small boat that can drive itself and act as a flotation device that someone can grab onto if they are having trouble in the water. The cameras will locate the victim and the lifeguard drone will automatically go to them to give them something to grab on to and keep them above water.

One of the other threats at sea can be boats approaching unnoticed. On land, we can build fences and gates to keep people away but at sea, this is not so easy. Smaller boats can navigate basically silently in the water and if there are no lights, then you will likely never even realize that they are approaching.

Our AI security protocol will use cameras that can see and identify approaching vessels more effectively than the human eye. Through AI learning, which is a constant process, the AI system will learn what is and isn’t a threat to better identify the approaching vessels.

Should this system detect a threat, it will be able to alert you, sound an alarm, or lock the doors in the SeaPod. All of these processes will all happen autonomously based on the AI algorithms that we design. AI is a constantly evolving thing that learns how to improve itself with time so there will be different ways to train the system to work better with time.

We are currently waiting for the delivery of the lifeguard drones and we are also working on selecting the best cameras to use for the security system. We will begin work on building the algorithms that operate these systems in the coming months and we are excited to see where we can take these projects.

You can read more about these projects in our Wiki here: Lifeguard AI & Boat/Theft Protection AI. These are open-source projects and if you feel that you have the skills to contribute to the development, then feel free to reach out to us on the Ocean Builders website here.

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