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Tablet Enclosure Testing

Tablet Enclosure Testing

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We are starting to narrow down our options for the materials and finishing that we will use for the tablet enclosures throughout the house.

These enclosures will hold the tablets that are used to control all of the home automation features that the home has. The tablets will be permanently mounted to the wall but will still use the regular USB and ethernet connections so that we can quickly and easily change out a tablet in the case of breakage or malfunction.

The tablet that will be used to control the smart shower will be housed in a waterproof enclosure so that it isn’t damaged by the water and steam in the bathroom. The other enclosures don’t need to be waterproof so they will be a little easier to manufacture.

The pictures that you see in the video are for the normal enclosures that are not waterproof. These are in the last stages of development and testing so we should be receiving them soon once they are approved and ready to go. You’ll never have to worry about losing the remote again since they will be mounted right on the wall in convenient places all around the house!

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