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Cabinet Makers

Cabinet Makers

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We brought in the big guns to build the cabinets for our homes! These four guys arrived at the factory a few days ago and have been working like lightning so far. We felt that it was a good idea to bring in cabinet specialists who are masters of cabinetry so that we could have absolutely top-notch cabinets in the homes.

They immediately came in and got to work. In just a day and a half, they already had a big stack of cabinets done. Everything is being completed like an assembly line where the material is measured and cut before moving on to the next steps of putting everything together.

We think that they will have all of the EcoPod cabinets completed in the next two or three days meaning that they can knock out the cabinets for a home in less than five days. That is faster and better built than we can currently do with our in-house crew so these pros are a huge asset for us right now.

We will get the cabinets fitted and installed once all of them are built. That will take a little bit of time but it will be a huge milestone once they are in. Everything is going into overdrive as our global launch event quickly approaches so we are happy to have all the help we can get!

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