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EcoPod Bathroom Sink Area

EcoPod Bathroom Sink Area

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Most parts of our homes are built by using molds built from 3D printed designs to shape fiberglass panels that we will then fit together. Some pieces, however, use a different method. One example of that is the bathroom sink area of the EcoPod.

The video below shows the process of how we are making the vanity top for the EcoPod bathroom. This section is made out of wood and then shaped by hand using sanders and hand planers to make it fit the exact dimensions that we need. It will then be used as the template to make the mold which will be used for production.

Once the template is as close to perfect as we can get it, we will cover it in layers of fiberglass and resin and then apply the tooling gel coat to make it durable enough for repeated use.

We want to make all of the different aspects of these homes flow together like pieces of one big body, so we made sure to build this to match the exact curvature of the outer walls of the EcoPod. Having a blocky shape in the middle of a curvy home doesn’t make sense, so we took extra care to make sure that they match.

Taking the time to shape this template by hand will provide us with an absolutely perfect shape to use for the mold which in turn, will give us a perfect product that will require less finishing work.

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