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EcoPod Introduction

EcoPod Introduction

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Most of our readers are familiar with the SeaPod and the GreenPod by now, and if you have been following along closely to the blog then you may have noticed the “EcoPod” being referenced in a post or two. While most of our focus has been on the SeaPod development, we have been working on another project that we want to formally introduce as the EcoPod.

The EcoPod has the same principles as the SeaPod at sea or the GreenPod on land. Drawing from its name, the EcoPod is both ecologically friendly and restorative for the environment as well as economically good for the customer since we want to keep the price tag in reach of the average home buyer. We are keeping transportation in mind during the design process because we want to be able to put the EcoPod into a shipping container and ship it wherever the customer would like to have it set up.

The EcoPod boasts massive windows that fold open to make the indoor area feel like the outdoors. The kitchen, living room, and bedroom are all on the same level keeping things simple and neat. With a bit less square footage than the SeaPod model but still boasting most of the features, the EcoPod is a fantastic option for those who want to scale down their space and live an even more minimalist lifestyle without sacrificing comfort.

With features like a rain-collecting roof, huge windows, a simple floor plan, and affordability, we feel that the EcoPod is the perfect companion for the SeaPod and GreenPod and we hope that it gives our customers a bit more flexibility when choosing the design of your home. The EcoPod is already in production at the factory so be sure to stay on the lookout for more updates in the blog.

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