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Incinerator Toilet System Nearing Final Assembly

Incinerator Toilet System Nearing Final Assembly

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Here we have the first working prototype of the incinerator system that will be used in the SeaPod incinerator toilet. This prototype is essentially an R&D version that will be used to test the different processes that are involved in the system.

This prototype was built at the manufacturing facility that we are partnering with and we are beginning to receive all of the parts. The main purpose of this prototype is to make sure that everything works as intended, so the parts are not as refined and aesthetically pleasing as what the final product will be.

You can see in the attached photos that we have the different components that will make up the system. We have the heat exchanger that will allow us to use the heat generated from the burning process in other parts of the SeaPod. For example, we can harness this heat and use it in the water heating system so that we can keep things as efficient as possible.

Another piece that we have is the jet burner which will do the actual burning. This has been carefully calibrated after quite a bit of testing so that we can have the most efficient burns possible while still having enough heat to properly incinerate the waste.

You can see the chamber where the incineration will happen. This is a very important part because we need to make sure that the heat from the burn is properly controlled. If the chamber doesn’t contain the heat properly then it could start a fire in the SeaPod which is obviously something that we don’t want.

It is very important that all of these parts work together perfectly so that we can ensure that the system is efficient and that we aren’t unnecessarily wasting propane or electricity. More importantly, we need this system to be safe so that we don’t cause a fire or cause other components of the home to fail because of exposure to heat.

Thankfully for us, the manufacturing facility that we are using has an excellent team and the means to make all of this possible. So we will begin to assemble the parts and start testing this system very soon. As always, we will post pictures and videos along the way so that you can stay up to date with the progress on the incinerator toilet system.

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