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Factory Update For Steel Core Of SeaPod

Factory Update For Steel Core Of SeaPod

Here we have the second SeaPod base that we are working on. This is the steel core of what will be for a base for the TriPod model. As expected, the TriPod Model gets its name because of the three outriggers which will provide stability for the SeaPod which will be sitting about 6 meters above this core structure.

You can see the steel tube which will serve as the core. So far we have cut two of the three necessary holes. With the help of a fiberglass template, we can precisely mark the steel which will be cut out with an oxy-acetylene torch. This will leave us with the three holes which will receive the three steel tubes for the outriggers.

Each hole is about 1 meter tall to match the corresponding outrigger tubes. The three outriggers will converge into the center of the steel core where they will be welded and secured together to provide the structural integrity that will be needed to support the weight of the SeaPod.

The step of creating the bases is extremely important because this is what will hold up the SeaPod, so we have to ensure that everything is done properly to guarantee that there will be no weaknesses in the structure.

This is the second SeaPod core piece that we have built. We are also building the third core piece so we now have three SeaPod bases currently in progress. As we move forward we are increasing both the speed and volume of production so that we can make more SeaPods faster and more efficiently.

The production of our SeaPod bases is coming along nicely and we will have more updates very soon so be sure to check back to see what we are working on and stay up to date on our progress.

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