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Alpha Deep: Behind the scenes

Alpha Deep: Behind the scenes

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Setting out to launch another SeaPod isn’t just about engineering capability; it’s a monumental task demanding perseverance, teamwork, and above all, steadfast dedication to a dream unfolding behind the scenes.

Imagine the sight: a Fiberglass superstructure, secured to a barge, poised to integrate seamlessly into a floating spar with an underwater room 11m below the surface.

The merger wasn’t just complex; it was an intricate operation where every move counted, underscoring the high stakes involved. We’ve tested these waters before, so we knew that the ocean’s unpredictable temperament can swiftly transform any endeavor into a challenging learning experience.

Looking back, we recall the bustling Panama Factory where the EcoPod was being constructed alongside the welders working on the steel spar. Additionally, a ballast chamber was being built to provide buoyancy and stability, which would later serve as the underwater room. The total length of the structure is 33 meters. The EcoPod has a circumference of 96 square meters. At that depth, about 240 metric tons of water pressure are exerted on it from every direction! This is a megastructure and the merger required assembling these colossal components out on the open seas, a task demanding precision and resilience.

Bringing together the diverse expertise of the people involved was key to the success of this endeavor. Captains chart courses through uncharted waters, marine engineers fine-tune intricate mechanics, welders infuse strength into every joint, fiberglass workers sculpt sleek forms, and vigilant security personnel ensure safety at every turn.

We already moved the spar from the factory, ensuring its secure installation at the launch site. During this period, research and development was done while awaiting optimal weather conditions for the merger. The EcoPod was then moved onto the barge, where our team continued to work on it.

This phase required careful planning and precision, as adding too much weight to the EcoPod before the merger could jeopardize the entire operation. Balancing progress with caution was essential to ensure the successful integration of the EcoPod with the spar.

Faced with natural elements, we had a narrow window of a few hours in the morning to complete the operation. Failure was not an option, and the adrenaline of the team was palpable as we executed the task swiftly and efficiently. We did it! Our perfect day arrived, and we successfully completed the merger.

As the sun sets over the SeaPods, one thing is clear: our journey has just begun. Follow us for more updates and exciting news.

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