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Fiberglass Chopper Spray Gun

Fiberglass Chopper Spray Gun

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Grant is on today to explain to us the way the fiberglass gun works. It can take a lot of time to apply the material on whatever surface we want to apply it onto, so we always try to improve all our processes.

Unfortunately, the machine we received isn’t working how we hope to, so we’re busy fixing it so that it will perform the way we want it to. But with the upgrades we are doing right now, it will be a great tool for us to work faster, at least on some of the processes we want to do in the factory.

Basically, what it’s supposed to do is to first avoid putting down sheets of fiberglass, putting resin on top and blow. Instead, rolls of fiberglass are pulled into a gun nozzle that goes through resin and spray while cutting the outcome at regular intervals.
Thus, you can easily imagine that it will help us to work much faster than doing this process manually, and that’s exactly what we need to ensure that Pods come out of the factory as fast as the demand. And we sure have a lot of them!

Once it’s working properly, we will of course make a demonstration so that you can see how great of a tool it will be!

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