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Building the floor of the SeaPod Deep water model

Building the floor of the SeaPod Deep water model

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The crew has been working on getting the floor of the new Deep Water SeaPod Eco installed and it’s coming along nicely!

Installing the floor requires quite a few steps. We start with building the subfloor and all bulkhead supports beneath the floor. This acts as the foundation and provides the structure and support to hold all the weight in the SeaPod. This will be the structural floor but a prettier final floor will be installed inside the home.

We then manufacture the actual floor in two half sections. There has to be a small gap so that we can slide everything into place. Once everything is positioned and aligned, we will go back and apply fiberglass to fill the gaps and hold everything in place. We also secure the floor from below so everything is very stable and rigid.

Over the next few days, the crew will continue securing everything and ensuring that we have the structural strength needed to make the floor not only feel solid but also to be strong enough to hold the weight. The progress is moving quickly and we will have a solid floor that is completely secured into place before you know it!

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