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Fiberglass Spray Gun

Fiberglass Spray Gun

Our homes are made primarily of fiberglass sections that are formed in molds. When we take those sections and put them together, we have to lay sections of woven fiberglass fabric out and then roll a resin on them to harden them. This is very time-consuming and can be difficult when working in tight spaces.

This fiberglass spray gun is capable of taking a project that would have taken hours or days with the old method and completing the same task in a matter of minutes. This will speed up our production speed and make our lives much easier.

There are three parts to this spray gun. The first is the fiberglass which it takes from a roll and cuts into small pieces very quickly before spraying them out. At the same time as the fiberglass pieces, there will be both the resin and the hardener coming out as well and they will mix on the surface. We still have to roll them out but not having to mess with the fiberglass sheets will save a ton of time.

This system uses compressed air to move to push the fiberglass, resin, and hardener out of the gun. Using compressed air is great because it makes the system portable and doesn’t cause any waste. This spray gun will save lots of time, material, and frustration.

This gun can also be mounted onto a robotic arm that can be programmed to spray the required area. This could help to automate the production process for certain aspects of our Pods! We are very excited to put this to use and chop our production time significantly!

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