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EcoPod Quarter Roof Section Installation Part 2

EcoPod Quarter Roof Section Installation Part 2

Part 2 of our process to get the EcoPod roof put together went fairly smoothly with only a few expected difficulties. Installing these roof sections was not easy and they take quite a bit of work to get properly fitted together, but we got the job done at the end of the day.

Placing this last quarter is so difficult because the fitment is so tight that there isn’t much room to work with. If any of the other pieces are out of place by just a little bit, then it can throw off the alignment and make the last section not fit.

Once we get everything in place, it still takes some work to get everything to slide in where it is supposed to be. We have guys on top of the roof and guys inside the home so that we can work everything from both sides. After a while, we were able to get everything seated where it needs to be. The next step is to start attaching everything so that it will be permanently secured.

We also need to go back and fill the small gaps that happen due to imperfections in the sections. Also, since this is the roof, it needs to be water-tight so that rainwater flows properly into the collection system and not through the gaps and into the home. This is expected so don’t worry, every EcoPod roof will get the same treatment.

Getting the roof installed will actually increase the progress that we can make on the EcoPod. We are in the rainy season here in Panama so it rains for a little bit nearly every day. When the inside of the home is wet, we can’t work with fiberglass so having this roof will help keep things dry. The roof takes away a bit of natural light that we had to work with but it is easier to use artificial light than to keep water out.

The windows will be arriving soon and we can then start installing them. Having the windows installed will also help keep water out of the home. The progress is moving quickly and we are very excited about the next steps for the EcoPod. Stay tuned for more exciting updates coming soon!

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