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First Look at Gesture AI

First Look at Gesture AI

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Here we have a quick demonstration of the gesture AI that we will have as an option in the Ocean Builders homes. Gesture AI will use artificial intelligence to recognize simple gestures that will be used to control different actions within the home. This technology can be used for simple things around the house like unlocking doors, closing the blinds, dimming lights, or as you can see in the video below, controlling music volume. We are still in the early stages of developing the prototypes, but things are coming along nicely and we have created the first prototype and the best news of all…. It’s working!

Looking at Omer’s demonstration below you can see that artificial intelligence uses a camera to define and then track his hand as he moves. He has it set so that moving his pointer finger and thumb apart or together will adjust the volume of the music. Another example that this same type of gesture could be used for is to dim the lights. You could make a similar movement to effortlessly adjust the brightness of the lights in your home.

Now, we know that the idea of having cameras watching and monitoring your every move inside your own home can be unsettling to some. That concern is not something that we want to brush off so we are making this system completely optional. If you don’t even want to have the cameras installed then they won’t be installed. Additionally, the cameras will have a manual switch that you can use to turn the cameras off so that even the software can not activate the cameras, that switch will need to be flipped to turn them back on.

We also understand the importance of responsibly handling data and information. So the data and all of the processing that happens through these cameras will stay within the SeaPod. Nothing is stored on or even sent to any remote servers or a cloud, no one else can see it, your data won’t be shared with any companies like Facebook or Google. Everything that these cameras see will stay within your home and your privacy will be kept as an absolute priority. So if you choose to have this technology in your home, then you can trust that it will be safe and secure.

This technology is still fairly new and we are in the early stages of development but we should be making some great progress over the next few weeks. We really think that gesture AI can bring a new level of convenience and seamless operation to your home. You don’t have to be a Jedi to close your blinds with the wave of a hand, but you will surely feel like one with gesture AI.

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