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Gas Detector For SeaPod Homes

Gas Detector For SeaPod Homes

The SeaPod will utilize propane gas for some of the functions within the home because it will be much more energy-efficient than electric power. For example, the stove and oven in the kitchen will operate on propane power. Another use for propane will be in the incinerator, which is located in the storage or main engineering room. There also may be a generator that can create backup electricity if needed.

The generator will be located outside so small gas leaks in that system will not typically cause any danger to the occupants of the SeaPod. That being said, the stove and oven in the kitchen as well as the incinerator will be inside the living space. Even a small gas leak inside can cause harm to the occupants inside SeaPod.

While propane is generally very safe for home use, it does have the ability to produce carbon monoxide or accumulate at dangerous levels if it is leaking into the home. Of course, there are the health concerns of carbon monoxide poisoning as well as other health problems that can arise from long-term exposure. Another concern is a propane explosion caused by the ignition of uncontrolled propane gas.

Luckily, propane manufacturers add a rotten egg smell to the gas that will usually make a leak inside the home very obvious. That being said, there is still a chance that it may go unnoticed. To add another level of safety to the SeaPod, we have added a gas detector that will alert you if it detects dangerous gasses inside the home.

The detector has a loud audible alarm that will get your attention if you are in the home, but it will also send an alert to your smartphone if you are away from your SeaPod. When the detector determines that the hazard is no longer present, it will reset but you will still have documentation of the event because of the notification on your smartphone.

This is one of the many steps that we are taking to mesh efficiency, convenience, and most importantly, safety into the SeaPod. Check back for more updates soon!

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