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LED Lighting System for the SeaPod

LED Lighting System for the SeaPod

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We try to keep minimalism and simplicity in mind for the design of the SeaPod, and lighting is no different. Our goal is to stay away from traditional light fixtures that require light bulbs, take up wall or ceiling space, and interrupt the flow of the interior design. Our solution for this is an LED lighting system that will be seamlessly hidden, remotely controlled, and customizable.

Around the edges of the floor and ceiling where it meets the walls, there will be a small gap that will house the LED lights so that they will be hidden from sight and seamlessly integrated into the home itself. The light strips will go all the way around the room and create continuous lighting without the typical hotspots that you get with normal light fixtures.

The lights will be able to be controlled from an app on your smartphone. When using the app you can turn the lights on and off gradually. When dimming the lights, you can set them to a brightness level between 1-100 so that you can fine-tune exactly how much light you want.

An important feature that the light strips have is the ability to change the tone of the white light that they emit. You can choose a cooler white which gives a blue tinge to the white light which stimulates the brain and keeps you awake and alert during the day. During the evening or before you go to bed, you can change the light to a more relaxing warmer tone which gives a yellow tinge to the white light to wind down and get ready to sleep. We are working on developing the ability to change the color tone automatically at whatever times that you set.

There will be an upgrade option that will give you the ability to control the color of the lights. You can pick the color in the app which will give you all of the colors of the rainbow and more than 100 various shades of those colors so that you can pick exactly the color and shade that you want at that time.

This is an example of how we are keeping things aesthetically pleasing and in line with our design while finding ways to make them even more functional and convenient than their traditional counterparts.

Read more about our plans for the SeaPod lighting system here: LED Lighting System

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