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Hot And Cold Water Mixer For The Shower

Hot And Cold Water Mixer For The Shower

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Most homes have either a two-knob or a single-knob design for adjusting the water temperature in the shower. These allow us to adjust the temperature to make the water warmer or colder as needed. While this is a tried and true way of controlling the water in the shower, we want to take the SeaPod shower into the future.

The shower in the SeaPod will be able to be controlled by either a touch screen or by voice commands so we will have no need for the antiquated knobs that we traditionally find in homes. Going along with the theme of the other aspects of the SeaPod, the shower will be able to automatically adjust the water to your perfect temperature.

We will have the ability to add presets of sorts where each person can create a shower profile that will save their preferred water temperature, water pressure, and massage jet settings so that when you go to take your shower, all you have to do is step in, relax, and enjoy the shower.

To make these automatic adjustments, we have a motorized valve that will regulate the temperature by adjusting how much hot and cold water it allows through. There will be sensors downstream from the valve so that the computer can know at what temperature the water is coming out.

It can allow more hot water if the temperature is too low or allow more cold water if the water is getting too hot. Since we are using in-line water heaters, there will be no need to wait for the pipes to clear the cold water like in most houses. This lets your shower reach the perfect temperature without needing to waste water waiting for the hot water to reach the showerhead.

This motorized valve removes the hassle of having to fiddle with the knobs to find the right balance of hot and cold to reach your perfect water temperature. The shower will adjust itself and the water will simply come out at your perfect temperature. This is another example of how we are innovating and reinventing the “old way” of doing things as we take a step into the future.

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