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Incinerator Flame Detector

Incinerator Flame Detector

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The jet incinerator system will be a fully autonomous system that will monitor itself and run when needed. Since this system involves open flames and high heat, it has a few dangers associated with it. One of the safety measures that we are implementing is a flame detector.

This sensor does exactly what its name implies… detect flames. So when the incinerator ignites, the flame detector will detect the flame and relay that to the home automation system. This will have several uses for the automation system.

The first use is that the flame detector will tell the system when the flame has started and when it goes away. This can be used to confirm to the system that things are operating normally as well as to help monitor burn time. This information can be kept in a log so that there will be a history of the incinerator activity

Another reason why we want to know when the flame is burning is for safety. If the incinerator is running, or if the flame detector detects a flame at a time when there shouldn’t be one, then it will be able to send an alert so that it can be investigated.

We have meticulously designed and built every piece of this system to ensure that we contain the heat and the flames in a safe way so that we can avoid any fires or other dangerous situations. Things like the flame detector just add another level of monitoring and safety so that we can keep things efficient, logged, and safe.

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