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Jetski Lift

Jetski Lift

Ocean Builders is of course synonymous with innovation. Sometimes, this research and development is focusing on new technologies, sometimes on lifestyle, but sometimes it also relates to fun.
More precisely in this article’s case, it relates to making adult’s toys easier to handle, increasing the amount of fun.

Indeed, we all have these fun toys we really love, but while using them is extremely enjoyable, to set them up sometimes isn’t. That’s why our team is now experimenting with the prototype of a lifting platform for the SeaPod. It will be like being in a James Bond type of home!

This mechanism will be extremely handy when the time comes to use a jet ski, small dinghy or kayak. They are fun, but heavy pieces of equipment that are sometimes annoying to take in and out of the water. But no worries, our R&D team is on the topic so soon enough, it will be 100% fun, 0% troubles!

Since it is still in its experimental phase, chances are that it will evolve significantly and after we find the right match of materials, motors and controllers. So once our experiments are done, including obvious breaking tests to ensure absolute safety, we should be able to present to you a pretty cool SeaPod feature.
One of many!

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