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Community Service – Salvaging an abandoned boat to prevent diesel contamination

Community Service – Salvaging an abandoned boat to prevent diesel contamination

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Sometimes something needs to be done to protect the community you care about. That’s why we decided to salvage an abandoned boat that had strong environmental damage potential.

It happens all around the world: boats, which we could think are the jewels, the pride of their owners, get abandoned and quickly, without the care and regular maintenance they require, become a hazard for both nature and humans. This particular boat was supposed to be under watch by a caretaker contracted by the owner after the latter left the country but….that didn’t happen. As a result, the boat sank and became a wreck. It has been in our sight for quite some time and we always wanted to do something about it, but in between the hard work at the factory and the launch, we never got to do it.

But urgency knocked at our door as a little leak happened a few weeks ago, which spread through the bay here, and we were scared of a full tank rupture that would have created a massive disaster at the bay’ scale. So that’s why we mobilized a team to get it out of the water and safely empty the diesel.

We dispatched a team of 4 Ocean Builders saviors to work on the boat once we lifted it out of the water. There was of course a lot of organic material to get rid of, but our biggest concern was the boat’s decontamination from its diesel load.

We pride ourselves for taking care of our surroundings in many ways, including the choice of materials we use. But this boat, while not the company’s responsibility, was a risk for everyone here. So we’re glad we helped our community and with that being done we can work with a lighter mind on the SeaPod Eco number 2!

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