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Lighting Challenges

Lighting Challenges

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One of the unexpected challenges that we ran into during the development of the SeaPod was the lighting system. We ended up spending a ton of time researching LED lights to determine what the best options would be.

LED light strips tend to have some pretty big tradeoffs when it comes to brightness, sharpness, and color accuracy. Most LED light strips might have really great brightness but then the white lights might be tinted to the blue side. Or strips with perfect white light tones might not have good colored light tones. It was really difficult for us to find a good balance that would work for us.

Another issue that we ran into quite often was voltage loss throughout the lighting strips. The LEDs at the beginning of the strip would be nice and bright but as you get further from the power source, the lights lose their brightness due to electrical resistance in the line. This is even more apparent when we start connecting light strips and making longer sections.

Overheating is another thing that we had to consider. When the LEDs are at full brightness, then they can overheat and permanently damage the light strip so that it will lose overall brightness in the future. In addition to that, corrosion is a huge concern that comes with the nature of having a home in a humid and salty environment.

We really wanted to have great quality white light as well as great quality colored light in the same strip and it is not easy to find a light strip that is able to do both at the level that we wanted. We put in lots and lots of time to research different LED light strips and we eventually found a marine-grade light strip that balances all of these factors and should work exactly the way that we want while still giving us the corrosion resistance that we need.

Here we have Omer giving us a demo of the light strips that we have decided to go with. You can see that everything is controlled through the app with a simple interface. The lights can easily be changed from different white tones depending on the time of day to basically any color that you can think of.

We will also have the option to program the lights to turn on and simulate a sunrise or automatically set themselves to create a certain mood during a movie or during dinner. Since the lights will be “hidden” within the walls, there will be no intrusive light fixtures disrupting the flow of the interior design, and even better… no lightbulbs to change.

You can read more about the lighting system here. The SeaPod lighting system is the result of hours and hours of research but we truly feel that it will change the way you look at lighting your home forever!

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