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Making the floor for the Wazebo

Making the floor for the Wazebo

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Grant is back inside the factory to give us a look at part of the process of building the Wazebo floor. Like a lot of aspects of the Pods, these floor sections are made out of fiberglass that is formed in molds. The mold makes one-quarter of the floor at a time and since the design is a circle, we can use the same mold to make four identical quarter pieces.

We have already made two sections and the third is almost ready to come out of the mold. The crew will then have to make one more section and then we will be able to start installing the floor. After the floor goes in, we can start getting the seating areas in place and then start working on the roof.

With our launch quickly approaching, the roof will be the lowest priority as we need to get the floor and seats ready. If we have time, we will get the roof installed but that may have to wait until later. Luckily, we can install it on the water so it shouldn’t be a big deal if it isn’t ready in time.

Launch day will be here in the blink of an eye so the crew is working in overdrive as everyone is hustling to get everything ready to go. We will be hosting people from all around the world at our launch event so we want to get everything looking great and ready to impress!

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