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Living Room Cabinets Install on the water – 1

Living Room Cabinets Install on the water – 1

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Grant is back on the EcoPod to give us a quick look at the living room cabinets and how they will be laid out. Storage space is always a problem in small homes so we wanted to make sure that this wouldn’t be a sacrifice that you have to make to live on the water.

The living room has a few ground-level cabinets and then another elevated cabinet that will be installed on the wall. We are working against the clock so the overhead cabinet may not be installed before the launch, but we are going to try to make it happen.

As we move to the right towards the kitchen, we will have a wine cooler under the warming tray, and above that will be the coffee maker. Above those will be another cabinet for storage and next to this stack will be a tall cabinet with a glass door.

Across the living room from the cabinets will be the couch and a curved screen for the entertainment system. We are working on getting a curved TV that matches the curve of the wall but we aren’t sure if there is an option with the right curve. Another option is to use a projector that can simply project the image directly on the white wall. The room has a ton of natural light so this option will require curtains to help darken the room so that you can see the image more clearly.

You can see the huge windows in the living room. Even better, the massive glass wall of windows just behind the kitchen and living room can open up to turn this space into an open-air room that we are sure you are going to love! The launch is quickly approaching so we are working hard to get everything ready in time. We can’t wait to finally share the SeaPod Eco with the world!

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