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New Storage Containers

New Storage Containers

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We recently took delivery of a new-to-us storage container here at the factory. We use containers like this for several different things but this one will be used as storage. These containers are great because they are designed to be stacked on ships when used for shipping, so that means that we can easily stack them on land as well.

Containers like these, even when they aren’t brand new, are pretty expensive so we weren’t thrilled to find that this specific one has some damage to the roof. It looks like someone previously drilled holes in the roof and then plugged them, so we aren’t 100% sure that it won’t leak. Being in a part of the world that gets regular rain showers means that a leaky roof could be problematic.

Unfortunately, we won’t really know how water-tight the roof repairs are until it actually rains, so we are going to take the risk and cross that bridge when or if we get to it. We already have a similar container here at the factory that we use for storage. That one doesn’t have a roof so we made one out of cloth to keep the rain out, it works well enough but this new container will be stacked on top of it so the new container will effectively act as a roof for the bottom container. Our telehandler will allow us to easily put things into and take things out of this new second-floor storage unit.

We are receiving quite a lot of materials, parts, and pieces these days so having somewhere to keep them out of the elements is very important. We can never have too much storage space so this storage container will be a very welcomed addition to our storage capacity here at the factory and for now, we will hope for no leaks!

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