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Preparing the Floating Spar

Preparing the Floating Spar

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We have taken one more step towards getting the first completed SeaPod into the water. We have installed the “shelf” on the center spar of our first floating platform that will hold the weight of the actual home portion of the SeaPod. These brackets go around the center spar and create the main weight-bearing portion that will keep the SeaPod up in the air.

These brackets were welded onto the center spar about 1.6 meters from the top. When we mount the actual Pod portion of the home, we will slide it down over the center spar and it will connect to these brackets. Based on the calculations that we did, 1.6 meters was the perfect spot to keep everything properly balanced and not too top-heavy.

We have added a layer of protective paint to keep everything sealed off from the salty elements and protect against corrosion. When the pod is mounted onto the spar, there will be another top-coat layer of fiberglass applied to the surface to make everything look good.

This floating base is pretty much ready to have a SeaPod mounted on top of it so we are looking forward to making that happen in the near future. Until then, we are still working hard at the factory to bring the SeaPod to life and the first prototype is coming along nicely so we will be sure to continue with the updates along the way.

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