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Production Controllers

Production Controllers

Our homes have so much technology and automation packed into them and each aspect needs an electronic controller to communicate between the software and the hardware. Many of the things that we are developing for the Pods have never been done before, so that required us to design, prototype, and produce our own controllers.

These controllers started out as drawings and diagrams. Once we were happy with the designs, we moved into building prototypes so that we could bring the designs to life and see how everything would work together. This was a big phase for us as we tested the various controllers with their corresponding tasks.

Once we were happy with the results, we were able to move into production mode, which is where we are now. Each Pod will require dozens of controllers so now that we are in the production phase, we need to start producing them so that we have enough for the homes we will be building.

Each controller is different so we have to make sure to label every controller and label the connectors so that we are installing everything in the correct place.

The controller housings were all custom designed and made to be waterproof to resist the harsh marine environment. We are using marine-grade connectors to help protect the electronics from corrosion. These connectors also allow us to use power-over-ethernet so that we can send power and data through the same cable, saving power and reducing the number of cables that are needed.

These controllers are now on the way from Omer’s shop in Mexico to the factory here in Panama where they will begin to be installed in the first EcoPod and SeaPod prototypes!

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