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Cross Brace on TriPod Installation

Cross Brace on TriPod Installation

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This is a quick video showing how we install the cross braces that will give a little extra support and strength between the outriggers and the center spar on our floating TriPod base.

The brace itself is made from a simple steel tube. We then have a template that we place on the tube to cut away the material that we need to remove to make the proper connection. We are using oxy-acetylene torches to cut the material away and then we use grinders to smooth the surfaces.

Once the pieces are cut out to the proper specifications, we put them into position and then weld them into place. Once welded, we go back with a slag hammer and a grinder to smooth everything out and get the surface ready to be coated with the protective paint that will protect against corrosion.

This process moves fairly quickly, we can even cut the next piece while we weld the first one in place. These braces significantly improve the structural integrity of the TriPod base to make sure that it can withstand life in the ocean for decades to come.

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