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SeaPod Moving out of the factory

SeaPod Moving out of the factory

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It’s time to get it out! The SeaPod is going to see the light of day as we are taking it out of the hangar that was hosting it during the construction stage.

We have done a few heavy-lifting operations recently and we are getting used to handling difficult tasks since, as everything is literally coming together, our pieces are getting bigger and bigger. It was already impressive enough when we dealt with the TriPod structure not so long ago, but this is a different operation entirely.

To conduct this particular transport, we will be using a boat’s trailer pulled by our telehandler. While the trailer is used to support heavy weight and handling boats with extreme care, our SeaPod’s transport will come with its own challenges. As with everything new, it is common that what is available for a given task isn’t designed for it. That’s what we are facing here. Once again, we are not so worried about weight because the trailer has seen heavier than that. However, boat hulls are longer and the bottom of it shaped very differently, usually as a V shape. Hence, the weight distribution and how the trailer’s resting pads were going to fit with our particular design was quite worrying.
But as usual, there is a solution to everything and everyone here at Ocean Builders is trained to think outside the box, and to make sure that every single task is handled the best way possible.

Then “it” happened. The magical moment when the SeaPod made it out of its factory cocoon and made it out onto the yard. Slowly, but surely. You can’t watch this video and not feel goosebumps, a bit of the thrill all the team felt when this big shell made its majestic little journey.

This huge seapod will soon be hanging in the air for everyone to see during the big show. Don’t worry, we’ve done it before so we know what we are doing. At least we think so! No no, we definitely are.

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