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Custom Stairs Final

Custom Stairs Final

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Grant is back up the hill in the factory to show us the progress on the custom stairs that we are making for the EcoPod. These stairs will be a continuation of the spiral staircase that brings you from the center dock to the main floor of the EcoPod. The main entrance stairs have beautiful teak wood covers but these will be a bright white. The skylight/roof access will be reached by taking these stairs from the main level up to the roof level.

We made these stairs out of fiberglass and each one has channels for grip and the Ocean Builders logo engraved on it. They have been sanded and polished and they are now ready for the final coat of paint.

These 16 stairs will be ready to install once the inside of the center spar is finished up. Structurally it is completed but it needs another paint job and some finishing work to get everything looking as bright and beautiful as we need it to look.

Time is running low, we only have a few days before the official launch and we still have lots to do. There is currently about 45 people here at the factory working tirelessly to reach the finish line, which we should be able to do just in the nick of time. Everyone and everything is running full speed ahead on this last push before the event, stay tuned for more updates!

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