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Shower Assembly Update

Shower Assembly Update

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There aren’t many things about the SeaPod that most people would consider ordinary. We are pushing the boundaries everywhere we can and the shower is no different. While it would have been easier to install a simple knob-controlled shower that you would find in most homes, we decided to go beyond what is normal and turn the shower into an experience.

The shower will be integrated into our home automation system and will have the option to be controlled by the app on a cell phone, by the wall-mounted touchscreen, or by voice. Here we have Omer demonstrating how you could control the shower from the mobile app.

With the simple press of a button on your cell phone, you can turn on/off the showerhead, handheld nozzle, and the body massage jets. When turning on the water, a pump begins to pump water from the engineering room in the SeaPod. While this is cool, it is only just the beginning of what this shower can do.

The shower will have the ability to save profiles for each person. It will remember your preferred water temperature, pressure, and nozzle settings so that your shower will be perfectly adjusted to your liking every time you step into it.

This system will also allow for the monitoring of water usage. Since water is not an unlimited resource, especially when floating in the ocean. This may sound crazy to say since you are surrounded by all the water you could ever want, but seawater has to be treated and turned into freshwater before use. This process requires energy to complete, so saving water is important.

By monitoring your water usage you can always be mindful and find ways to improve your shower efficiency if you want to. Luckily, we are implementing a continuous filter system to help reduce shower consumption by more than 90% so that you can enjoy longer showers without always worrying about water waste.

These systems help every aspect of the SeaPod work together more efficiently to save you energy, water, and time while delivering you a relaxing and hassle-free shower experience every time.

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