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Proportional Valve For Controlling Gas

Proportional Valve For Controlling Gas

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The burners for the incinerator toilet are fueled by propane gas. Since this system will be fully automated, we needed a way to automatically operate the valves to control the flow of gas to the burners.

We are back in the workshop with Omer who has built a prototype to show how this will function. He is operating the system with a knob, but the final product will be totally automated and the only inputs that are needed will come from the home automation system.

The valve will incorporate electronic components that will communicate with the automation system. The system will be able to tell the module when and how much to open or close the valve. The module will be able to communicate back to the system how far the valve is opened or closed.

These technologies will work together with other aspects of the incinerator such as the flame detector(link to flame detector article). If the valves are open and flowing gas but the flame detector is not reading that there is a flame burning in the incinerator, then there may be an issue with the system. It may simply be that the flame didn’t ignite properly and it will try to light it again, but if the problem is bigger than that, then we would want to know.

The ability of the computer to determine how much to open or close the valve helps to save gas and be more efficient. This technology takes the valve further than just open and closed, we can adjust it down to a single degree to get the perfect propane flow and flame.

Omer has been hard at work on these designs and we hope that you love seeing him bring them to life!

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