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Smart Desalination System

Smart Desalination System

This is an update on the desalination system that will supply the SeaPod with fresh water. Desalination is a somewhat common method of supplying fresh water to places that do not have enough natural freshwater. Many towns and homes around the world use desalinated water on a larger scale, we are building our own system to fit the needs of the SeaPod.

The definition of desalination is the process of removing the salt content from water making it fresh water. The method that we are using is called reverse osmosis. Reverse osmosis uses pressure to push the saltwater through a semipermeable membrane that acts as a super-fine filter.

The membrane captures the ions, minerals like salt, and other impurities that are in the water. After being pushed through the membrane, the water is free of contaminants and impurities and will be safe for drinking. This way we can take the essentially unlimited seawater in which the SeaPod will live and turn it into drinkable water for use in the home.

As with most aspects of the SeaPod, we will use sensors and software to make this process happen automatically. This process is more complicated than it sounds so luckily we have done the leg work of finding experts in chemists, engineers, and software builders so you don’t have to be an expert in making seawater safe.

We currently have a working model where we can test our designs. We have to ensure that everything works properly. The great news is that our motors, pumps, and pressure control systems are working well. This is most definitely still a work-in-progress but seeing the system functioning and not failing under pressure is a great sign.

For now, we are only planning on making this system available to the SeaPod. That being said, it is possible that in the future we may make this technology and system available to purchase as a separate product for use in boats or other applications where it could be used.

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