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Smart Shower & Sink Parts Have Arrived!

Smart Shower & Sink Parts Have Arrived!

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The SeaPod is a smart home that brings various aspects of the home to life. Nearly every part of the SeaPod has integrated technologies that take the normal everyday tasks that we do and bring them into the future. The bathroom is no exception to that.

From the motorized pocket door to the textured floor for grip to the smart shower, we have scrutinized every detail of the bathroom design to help deliver efficiency, comfort, and convenience.

The sink is designed with a hand sensor that will turn on the water when you place your hand under the faucet. This will help to conserve water since the water will only be running when your hands are there to use it. Additionally, we will have an automatic soap dispenser that will dispense liquid soap when you place your hands under it. These no-touch options not only make things more convenient but also will reduce the spread of germs and bacteria when washing your hands.

The shower will have the option to be controlled from a touch screen interface that can control water temperature, water pressure, see your water usage, set profiles for each person’s preferred shower temperature and pressure, and more. With the use of in-line water heaters, you will have instant hot water so you won’t have to waste water while you wait for the shower to get warm.

We have just received some of the hardware that we will be using in the bathroom so that we can start assembling everything and integrating the hardware with the software to bring this smart bathroom to life! You can read more about the plans for the bathroom in our Ocean Builders Wiki. The wiki is always being updated as we refine the designs so be sure to occasionally check back to see if we have added anything new!

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