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Full Smart Shower Demo

Full Smart Shower Demo

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Here we have a great demonstration of our full smart shower system from Omer. He walks us through each of the parts that all come together to deliver a convenient and relaxing shower experience.

Omer has mocked up an easy-to-see example of how this system will work. Starting with the jet pump and controller. This is the water pump that will pull the water from the tanks and send it through the showerhead. This is a variable pump so you can easily raise or lower the pressure of your showerhead or massage jets from the app.

We also see the water heater which heats the water for the hot tank. This super-efficient water heater burns propane to heat the water. The design of the heat exchanger and the burner uses about 78% less propane than most alternative options. It only burns propane when needed and when paired with the incinerator for the toilet, we will have an extremely efficient water heating system.

Next, we have the two water tanks that will supply the shower with water. Each tank has a float valve that works similarly to a traditional toilet. When the water is low in the tank, it will begin to fill until the level reaches the point that makes the bobber begin to float. As it floats up, it triggers the switch that tells the pumps that the water is at the right level. When the water goes down again, the switch will be released and the tanks will begin to fill.

Coming out of the hot and cold tanks, the water flow is controlled by the automatic servo valves that are connected to the water mixer controller. The controller tells the hot and cold valves to open or close in order to get the water to the perfect temperature.

After the hot and cold water moves through the valves, it converges into one pipe and continues toward the shower. There are temperature sensors that communicate back to the water mixer controller to help maintain the proper temperature. Then it comes out of the handheld head, regular showerhead, or the massage jets.

You can see Omer using the app that we have built to control the shower settings. It has a simple layout with an easy-to-use interface. You can easily switch between the showerheads and the massage jets, adjust the pressure, change the temperature, or play music.

The app also gives you a real-time water pressure and temperature reading so that you can know what range your preferred shower settings are. Everything is tied into the home automation system so all of the adjustments for your shower will be automatic. This system is a cumulation of quite a bit of research and work and we are very excited to see it coming together so nicely!

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