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Spar Winder Cylinder

Spar Winder Cylinder

We have a cylinder! The flat piece of fiberglass that we started with is starting to take the shape of a 5.5 meters long cylinder. It is still thin enough for us to roll it into a cylinder and we are using round guides on the inside of the tube to help get it as perfectly round as possible.

We will then put it into the winding machine which is still being built to get it perfectly round. Once we are happy with the shape, we will start adding the rest of the fiberglass layers. We need it to be thin enough to shape right now but the final piece is the structural backbone of the SeaPod Eco so we need it to be very strong. Once we have the shape, we will add the rest of the fiberglass until it is almost one inch thick. The entire section will be very rigid and have the
structural strength necessary to support the Pod.

Things are really moving quickly now that we are working on the second unit. We got past the growing pains and unexpected hurdles, found the tricks, and got our process figured out on the first one so now everything moves easier and quicker on the second. The first one also acts as a reference that the crew can always refer to when working on #2. Quicker production time means more SeaPods on the water so make sure you reserve your SeaPod now!

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