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Assembling Subfloor sections on SeaPod Eco #2

Assembling Subfloor sections on SeaPod Eco #2

We are now entering production mode of our SeaPod Eco models and unit number 2 is now in progress!

Specifically, we are now working on the subfloor section of the Pod. What you can see is worth 2 days of work, so that is quite impressive. The bottom section should be completed within a week prior to making a mold for the floor.

The production of the first model took us a year, but there was an unthinkable amount of trial and error, followed by lots of successes, to ultimately launch the prototype a few weeks ago.
Other units will take way less time because there will be less need for time-consuming research and development, and the molds are already done. Thus, we evaluate that making this second Pod shall take us about months.

Ultimately, the more Pods we will make, the more the cadence will be reduced. We aim to have Pods at different stages of completion following each other on the production chain. It won’t be as fast as what is done in the automotive industry for example, but we sure need to match the exciting demand and associated pre-orders that we received from many countries already.

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