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Specialized Underwater Camera Set Up with Fathom Ocean

Specialized Underwater Camera Set Up with Fathom Ocean

Early August, we were excited to announce our partnership with Fathom Ocean. Their expertise in marine research is worldwide known, and Ocean Builders is blessed to work with such experts in this field.
Together, we aim to take marine research to the next level. Between our passion for discovery and our desire to create eco-friendly tourism in Linton Bay, Panama, we know that great things lie ahead!

Today, this partnership comes to life as we have something really exciting to talk to you about. You know when you are so happy to receive a new online delivery? Or do you remember when on Christmas Day you opened that parcel with an amazing toy to be assembled together before starting playing?
That’s pretty much what’s happening to us right now. We received this fantastic specialized underwater camera from Fathom Ocean and we need to set it up first!

Fortunately, we have Trevor Mendelow, our partner’s Chief Technology Officer, to explain to us everything we need to know for the setup to go smoothly and make sure that the camera will work as well as we hope to.

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