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Rope Bridge Assembly

Rope Bridge Assembly

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Ocean’s lifestyle is often a synonym of bridges. Ocean Builders’ SeaPods are no strangers to this as we will have 3 bridges connecting different areas of the Pod’s TriPod base.
Today, we are installing the first rope bridge to be used to access the solar array mounted on the outriggers of the floating base. This is one of the elements of the overall walkway design, with the other ones aimed at safely accessing the hot tub and the wazebo installed on the other two spars also attached to the central dock.

There will be two types of walking platform docks: a solid version, and the rope bridge we are currently working on. This 21’ long bridge made of 6”x6” composite pieces attached by stainless steel cables and brackets will be equipped with a rope section at arm length heights, and will provide a safe access to the solar area.

Obviously, a rope bridge will have more movement than a solid one, but this area isn’t meant to be accessed as much as the other ones. Moreover, it gives us the opportunity to showcase the two versions for potential buyers to see which one they would prefer on their Pods.

Once again, everything still looks messy as we are still in construction mode. But very soon, we will be able to show you everything in all its splendour.

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