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SeaPod Flagship Inner Shell Finishing

SeaPod Flagship Inner Shell Finishing

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Welcome inside our Seapod flagship model, as we are finishing work on the interior of the shell itself. We are really into a “might fit” time right now because there will be differences between this prototype and the production model.

We are live from the Pod’s living room where we are putting the last touch to the walls of the shell. it will remain empty to show what space will be available before the interior is fully integrated. The aim is really to have everything to look nice for this shell so that it creates even more interest for the Pods, but it will remain empty from electronics and everything else.

We are expecting a few issues in regard to how well the windows will fit. Indeed, the curved windows we will use here are designed for the production model, but the Pod we are working on right now has a few design particularities that will likely give some headaches to the team who will install the windows and kitchen sliding doors. Fingers crossed, there won’t be too many, and if issues arise, we will solve them pretty quickly. We are fairly confident it will be the case because this isn’t the first time we are facing such a situation, and our team is now highly trained to think outside the box. Or the shell, for that matter!

Ultimately, we will be able to produce Pods shells at the rhythm of one per week, and move them down the production line for the installation of flooring, cabinetry and everything else.
This is thanks to this prototype model that we are able to learn and adapt our process so that everything will go way smoother when we move to production mode. But that’s a story for another time.

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