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Test Results

Test Results

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About two years ago, we launched a small scale model to act as a proof-of-concept for the idea for the TriPod base model of the SeaPod. The model performed wonderfully and we learned a ton from the experiment.

We wanted to see some of the long-term effects that the bases would experience in the seawater. So we left this model in the water here in Litton Bay, Panama for the last two years to see what would happen. We recently removed the base from the water and here is what we found.

One of our biggest goals is to create a home that is better for the environment. One of the things that is very important for us is having the SeaPod be a home for not only the human occupants but also have it serve as a habitat and create an environment that promotes healthy sea life.

Anything that is placed in water will become a habitat for life. Whether it be algae, barnacles, corals, or serve as shelter for fish and crustaceans, life will typically attach itself to whatever it can. That was very evident when we pulled this base out of the water.

You can see in the attached photos below that the entire base is covered in life. We didn’t do anything except put the base in the water and let nature run its course. We were thrilled to find all of the underwater sections covered with a layer of coral growth, barnacles, sponges, and more that adhered to the surface and made our floating base their home.

While this is exciting, we are even more excited about how much life will make our SeaPods their home. The final SeaPod will be 27 times bigger than this one-third scale model so there will be that much more surface area for sea life. We will also be actively promoting sealife growth through things like our 3D printed coral habitats so we are expecting to see a lively habitat bustling with life below every SeaPod.

The results that we see here are very promising and bode very well for our plans of making our oceans a healthier and safer place for marine life. With this much growth in only two years in the water, just imagine what will happen after years of promoting healthy growth. We hope you are as excited as we are!

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