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Smart Bilge Pump Integration Complete

Smart Bilge Pump Integration Complete

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We are back with Omer for a demo of our smart bilge pump system. This system ensures that the water level in the bilge does not rise too far risking instability or even possibly sinking of the SeaPod.

We have a differential pressure sensor that allows the system to constantly monitor the water level in the bilge. When the sensor sees that the water level has reached a certain threshold, then the system will automatically turn on the bilge pump.

As the pump is running, it will simply pump the water back into the ocean and turn off when the water level is low enough again. This process is completely automatic and Omer is here to show us how it will operate.

You can see in the video that he has the system mocked up using a barrel to simulate the bilge. The differential pressure sensor is mounted on the inside wall of the barrel and the bilge pump is placed in the bottom of the barrel. There is a pipe that is attached to the pump and goes several meters straight up to show that the pump can overcome gravity and easily push the water out of the bilge.

This system works similarly to a sump pump on land. You can see that when Omer adds water to the “bilge” and the pump turns on because the water is above the designated threshold.

When the sensor sees that the water level has risen, it relays that message back to the controller. The controller then tells the pump to turn on. The sensor will repeat the process in reverse when it sees that the level is low enough.

All of the activity, as well as the current water levels, pump status, and energy usage, will be visible in our home automation app that will give users the ability to always know how much water is in the bilge without ever having to look inside of it.

All of this will happen automatically and seamlessly so that your SeaPod will always be as safe as possible. This system has taken quite a bit of work so we are thrilled to see all of the pieces coming together and meshing with each other so well. We will continue to bring updates of our progress to the blog so be sure to stay tuned for more!

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