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Welcome To Panama

Welcome To Panama

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After our situation and clash with the Thai Navy, we have found a new home in Panama which has been wonderful. With the breathtaking beauty of the local nature, both on land and at sea, and a government that is welcoming and peaceful, we have settled very nicely into Panama.

This video shows an aerial tour of some of the surrounding areas that we are lucky enough to call home. As you can see, while we may be living in paradise, we are also working hard to make progress and reach our goals.

While in Panama, we have been able to create jobs to help the local people and their economy. You can see us launching a small-scale platform prototype that we built into the ocean for the first time. This prototype, built by the hands of local Panamanians, was our first small-scale test of the floating platform, and the results were excellent.

We have continued to grow in Panama since this video was filmed and we are now moving closer to producing our first full-sized SeaPod. With a bright future for both the nation of Panama and the Ocean Builders company, you can expect to see some very exciting things in the very near future.

Stay tuned for more updates on our blog!

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