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The SeaPod Skylight

The SeaPod Skylight

The round shower is located directly in the center of the top floor of the SeaPod. The shower has a diameter of 1.6 meters and also offers access to the roof using whichever style of the climbing wall that you choose. In addition to offering roof access, the skylight can also be opened to provide ventilation to reduce steam when taking a shower.

Around the halo of the skylight will be a light to provide additional lighting in the shower. For the skylight cap, the default option will be a solid white cap that can be opened and closed for ventilation or to access the roof.

For those who would like to add it, we will also offer a clear skylight cap. Made from transparent resin, this will offer a round window at the top of your shower. Functionally, it will work the same as the solid white option, but you will gain natural light during the day and a view of the stars at night.

We have created a mold so that we can produce the caps consistently and efficiently. We have already made a few caps and everything has come out great so far. For the transparent option, the size will be the same, but we will have a small ridge around the rim of the cap where the resin window will be fitted.

The transparent skylight option is something that we feel will really enhance the experience of showering in our SeaPod Bath Spa. Being able to enjoy natural sunlight or admire the stars after a long day at work will only add to the relaxing experience of our shower. Combined with our optional vertical body massage jets and our system which reduces water usage by up to 90%, you can get lost in the stars while you enjoy every drop of your evening shower.

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