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This is why we are doing this!

This is why we are doing this!

There are many reasons why we are building the SeaPods. Sustainable living, restoring the ecosystem, making the oceans habitable, and more. One of the most rewarding things and one of our biggest goals is to deliver the beautiful views that you can see in this short video.

Grant is on the Pod and enjoying the view out of the window. What better way to live than to have stunning views of oceans, islands, trees, waves, and wildlife for miles in every direction that you look? Living near the water has plenty of health benefits, imagine how great you will feel when you are living ON the water and you wake up to views like this every day!

If you are interested in experience on the water, you can get your name on the list with just a completely refundable deposit of $100! Get your name on the list and reserve your very own SeaPod or a rental stay HERE!

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